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AIDS Deaths Down 200,000 in 2007
Mission Network News reports on the AIDS pandemic: Approximately 2 million people died from...

How does AIDS affect your church?
Today is World AIDS Day, a day dedicated to raising awareness of AIDS and HIV. Events like...

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Lausanne World Pulse - Research Articles - The Rise (and Fall?) of HIV
An estimated thirty-eight million adults and children are infected with HIV/AIDS today; twenty million have died from the disease so far. By 2050, some 297 million people the equivalent of the entire United States population will have perished. Any plan to reach the unreached must grapple with AIDS.

A Partnership to Mobilize African Youth to Stem the Tide of HIV/AIDS
In an effort to counter the spread of this unrelenting enemy on the continent, international Christian broadcaster Trans World Radio (TWR) and Kerus Global Education have partnered to produce character-based radio programming geared toward helping teenagers make responsible lifestyle choices.

He Intends Victory a Paradigm for the Acceptance of the Church in HIV/AIDS
“I really think it’s best if you don’t come back to church here anymore!” Can you imagine what it’s like to hear those words from your pastor? You may wonder what you did to deserve excommunication. Well, you are guilty of having a virus, the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV).

Lausanne World Pulse - AIDS in China: The Amity Foundation
The first AIDS case in China was reported in 1985. The following years witnessed rapid growth of the HIV-positive population. Geographically, HIV-positive cases have now been reported in each and every one of the thirty-one provinces

Lausanne World Pulse - Global AIDS and World Evangelization
Why is AIDS Such a Global Challenge to the Spread of the Gospel? AIDS is intricately interwoven into the troubled fabric of our world, physically, socially and spiritually. Therefore, the AIDS pandemic is uniquely challenging to both developmental issues and world evangelization.

Lausanne World Pulse - Fire of Hope: The Effects of HIV/AIDS Ministry
HIV/AIDS is a modern-day plague marching nearly unimpeded across the face of the African continent. It threatens peace and stability as it wipes out entire generations, leaving millions of orphans in its wake.

North American Consultation on the Role of the Church in the HIV/AIDS Pandemic
Abstinence is working in the fight against AIDS in Africa. Findings which have appeared controversial, contradictory or politicized to both mainstream media and secular aid agencies continue to show that the “Abstinence, Be faithful or use a Condom” (ABC) promotion in places such as Uganda, Rwanda a

You Gave Us Your Heart: SIM's Hope for AIDS Progrram offering Hope to Many
“You gave us your heart.” These five words are foundational in my ministry. At times it is easy to be frustrated with missions and in particular with HIV/AIDS ministries. There is the potential to achieve so much and at times we seem to be moving so slow that we get almost angry and forget what is i

Lausanne World Pulse - The North American Church’s Role in HIV/AIDS Care
The issue of HIV/AIDS in the world today is so large that it may appear beyond hope. According to the UNAIDS/WHO 2004 AIDS Epidemic Update, there are more than 13,400 new infections and 8,400 deaths each day from HIV/AIDS. As individuals and churches, what are we to do about these dire statistics?

Lausanne World Pulse - HIV/AIDS Home-Based Care in Nairobi
Over one and half million people live in the slums of Nairobi, Kenya. That is half the city’s population. More than 300,000 people are crowded together in Karagoche, Nairobi’s worst slum. Families live in extreme poverty and struggle to make a living.