How does AIDS affect your church?

Today is World AIDS Day, a day dedicated to raising awareness of AIDS and HIV.

Events like this are a little tricky to discuss in the evangelical Christian world. While I can’t imagine that anyone would object to being made more aware of the extent of the AIDS pandemic, many Christians struggle to separate the general subject of AIDS from the social and moral issues that live in its shadow.

I’m curious: how does AIDS affect—or not affect—your church community?

Does your church talk about AIDS? If so, does it focus its discussion on the pandemic itself, or on the sexual behaviors associated with it? Does anyone in your church have HIV/AIDS, and if so, how has that affected your church’s approach to the issue?

One Response to “How does AIDS affect your church?”

  • We have discussed AIDS at my church during Bible Study and it has also been apart of my Pastor’s sermons and discussed in Sunday School,adult class and with our youth(Middle, High school). I have a male friend who HAD full blown AIDS. Before CHRIST, he did drugs and was homosexual. AIDS tried to take him out. He became tired of being tired living the fast life, so to speak. He gave his life to CHRIST. Just as he was radical for the devil, he’s even more radical for GOD. GOD SAVED HIM.GOD DELIVERED HIM FROM DRUGS AND HOMOSEXUALITY.GOD CALLED HIM INTO MINISTRY AND GOD HEALED HIM FROM AIDS. I KNOW IF HE DID IT FOR HIM, HE’LL DO IT FOR OTHERS IF THEY SEEK HIM, HE WILL FORGIVE, STRENGTHEN, AND HEAL.

  • Bertrand Russell~ Man desires for his happiness not merely the satisfaction of this or that but hope and enterprise and change.