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Humble words that aren't so humble
Today's featured devotional is from Oswald Chambers' classic My Utmost for His Highest. It asks...

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Fat By Any Other Name - #6302
We don't like to deal with sin; we like to disguise it. Maybe today would be a good day to pray something like this, "Lord, am I calling sin by a nice name? I don't want to mask my disobedience any longer." Deal with it before God deals with you. What does God call it? See, sin by any other name is still sin. And as the Bible says, "If we would judge ourselves, then we will not be judged."

Mocker - a Christian perspective
Mockery and arrogance are not traits looked upon kindly by the Bible. This passage describes a wicked and scornful man, the "mocker."

Arrogance in the Bible - a Christian perspective
In this verse in Proverbs the writer writing as Wisdom states that he hates arrogance and pride. Wisdom says that the fear of the LORD is hatred of evil.

Leading with a Limp
Learn to lead with a limp, or you’re headed for the arrogance trap. Four daily spiritual practices that will clear away the fog of self-absorption.