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Video clips that ask questions rather than give answers
First, here’s Alma, a prize-winning animation by Rodrigo Blaas that is hugely compelling. And chilling. A visual metaphor of entrapment. (‘Alma’ is Spanish for ’soul’.) A real discussion starter – it would be useful to show, for example, to a youth group. Or as a embedded clip within a website, asking questions. There is so much to see and analyze within it, with spiritual parallels and warnings.


Ask anything - a Christian perspective
God is not stingy with His help. We are encouraged to go to Him with any and all requests we have, and can be confident that He will give us what we need.


"Ask" in the Bible: Matthew 7:7-12
God is generous with His children, and this passage encourages us not to hold back our requests. When we request something in good faith, God promises to grant it. We can knock on the door with confidence, and need not worry that God will slam the door in our face.