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Thanksgiving - a Christian perspective
When we go to God with our requests--and this passage explicitly encourages us to do so--we are to do so with a spirit of thankfulness. God doesn't discourage us from approaching him with our needs; just the opposite, he wants us to go to Him with all of our requests.


"Ask" in the Bible: Matthew 7:7-12
God is generous with His children, and this passage encourages us not to hold back our requests. When we request something in good faith, God promises to grant it. We can knock on the door with confidence, and need not worry that God will slam the door in our face.


PRAYER: Prayer Sheet for SermonIndex and Greg Gordon
I am thankful for the prayers of the saints. I truly believe that this ministry is having a impact for the kingdom of God soley because of the prayers of the saints across the world. May I encourage and re-kindle this prayer for this ministry and myself.


SermonIndex.net audio sermons - Miracles that follow the plow
Miracles that follow the plow Post Prayer Requests, Testimonies & Answers to prayer in your life. Use this as a place to share what God is putting on your heart and doing daily.