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Getting to know the voices of Easter
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The Christmas story, as told by the original participants
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Revive Our Hearts: You've Come a Long Way, Baby! (Mary Kassian)
Mary Kassian explores how the philosophy of feminism developed and was integrated into our culture. She shares how we, as believers, can know what to do and how to live in order to understand the beauty of what true womanhood is all about. Womanhood

Revive Our Hearts: Lessons from the Life of Joshua (Part 3): Trusting God for the Promised Land
How we respond to life’s challenges, whether in fear or in faith, can be a factor in our long-term usefulness to God and His Kingdom. When we choose to trust in God’s promises, we’ll find freedom, fullness, and rest. Christian Li...

Revive Our Hearts: Lessons from the Life of Joshua (Part 2): Learning to be Teachable
Many people start out well in the Christian life, but fall out of the race before they reach the finish line. In Joshua, however, we see an example of faithfulness over the long haul. Christian Li...

Revive Our Hearts: Lessons from the Life of Joshua (Part 1): Learning to be Victorious
Learn from Joshua’s early years how to depend on God’s supernatural power, because He is trustworthy, and because nothing is too difficult for Him! Christian Li...

Revive Our Hearts: From Him, Through Him, To Him
Nancy unfolds Romans 11:33-36 and provides the framework to build your life around in her opening message from True Woman ’08. Womanhood

Revive Our Hearts: Transformed Women: Meet Vicki Rose
Vicki Rose was grasping for what she thought was a successful life: moving up the corporate ladder, and marrying a restaurant and bar owner. Life began to unravel when her husband became addicted to cocaine, had an affair, and left her with their children. Join Nancy and hear about God’s beautiful plan for her life.

Revive Our Hearts: Discerning Truth in a World of Deception
The world is full of shiny images and confident voices. We need to be discerning as Christians about the influences that vie for our attention. In this series, Nancy will help us to faithfully understand the Truth and not be deceived by error. Christian Li...

Revive Our Hearts: Fruit of the Ministry
Every day, we receive letters, emails, and phone calls from women all over the country sharing stories of how God is moving in their lives. Today, we invite you to share the encouragement of these transformed lives. Christian Li...

Revive Our Hearts: Advocates for the Unborn: Alan Parker & Sandra Cano & Luana Stoltenberg
January 22nd marks the anniversary of the two court decisions, Roe vs. Wade and Doe vs. Bolton, that legalized abortion in the United States. Join Nancy this week as she talks with Alan Parker of the Justice Foundation, Sandra Cano, the Doe of Doe vs. Bolton, and Luana Stoltenberg of Operation Outcry. Discover the exciting ministry occurring on the human life front.

Revive Our Hearts: Getting Into the Word and Getting the Word Into You
What one thing can you do this year that will make the biggest difference in your life? Discover the transforming power of a daily devotional life. In this series, Nancy shares practical suggestions for making your time in the Word more meaningful.