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Revive Our Hearts: Resolutions for a New Year
Jonathan Edwards was one of the greatest preachers and churchmen in American history. When he was still a teenager, he made 70 resolutions to live solely for God. Nancy shares how those same resolutions can transform our lives.

Revive Our Hearts: Looking Back / Looking Forward
Amid resolutions and celebrations, Nancy teaches about where our true focus should be as we head into the new year.

Revive Our Hearts: Mary of Nazareth
Nancy uses Mary of Nazareth, an ordinary young woman who said yes to God, as an example of the kind of woman God chooses to fulfill His purposes. of the Bible

Revive Our Hearts: True Woman: Retrospective
What is God's plan for a "True Woman?" Find out as you listen to highlights of October's True Woman '08 conference. Womanhood

Revive Our Hearts: Kay Arthur
No matter who you have been in the past, God can help you grow into a new woman for His glory. Kay Arthur shares candidly about her life in this conversation with Nancy. Christian Li...

Revive Our Hearts: Psalm 37
In a world where bad news is constantly trying to steal our attention, Nancy teaches us how to focus on Truth. Christian Li...

Revive Our Hearts: Hope for Uncertain Times: Surviving and Thriving in an Economic Crisis
With all the headlines about financial crisis, recession, and bail-outs, where should our priorities be? Join Nancy for biblical perspective on uncertain times.

Revive Our Hearts: The Blessing of Thorns
Have you ever thanked God for the thorns in your life? Nancy shows how our afflictions can be the tool God uses to make us like Jesus.

Revive Our Hearts: God's Beautiful Design for Women: Living Out Titus 2:1-5 - part 2
Join Nancy as she digs into Titus 2:1-5 to discover God's beautiful design for you as a woman. Along the way, learn how to mentor younger women in their own journey toward godliness. Womanhood

Revive Our Hearts: Fighting for Life: The Stories of Jason, Kelly, and Rebecca
For many women facing unplanned pregnancies, abortion seems to be the only answer to their "problem." That is, until they walk out of the abortion clinic with a whole new set of problems. In these special programs, you'll hear the stories of three people who've been there, and who are now giving their lives to fight for the unborn. As you listen to Jason, Kelly, and Rebecca, you'll learn how God can heal and how He can use you to stop abortion.