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Today's Devotional: Reading and Believing
Even though our devotional today from Our Daily Bread is short, it's an excellent reminder of why...

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You Don't Know When You Were Born? - #6687
If you're not sure you belong to Jesus, why not have a day when you make sure? Why not let this be the day? The Bible says, "Today is your day of salvation." Reach out and say, "Jesus, beginning today, consciously I give myself to You. I am Yours."

Circling The Airport - #2801
Listen to the words of God, the only One whose opinion really matters. "It is with your heart that you believe and are justified" (made right with God). And "believe" in the Bible is a total heart commitment, admitting that as a sinner, there is nothing you can contribute to being rescued spiritually. Telling Jesus that He is your only hope because only He paid the penalty for your sin on the cross.

Ill from Overeating - #5826
If your Christian life is mostly passive right now, it's no wonder you're spiritually bored and you're living in a false security that everything is OK. It's not. You're're ill from overeating and under exercising. But today can be your day to get up, get busy, and start experiencing what it is to run in God's pasture, not just graze in God's pasture!

Which List Is Your Name On? - #5746
At the moment you open your heart to Jesus, you have literally in the Bible's words, "crossed over from death to life" (John 5:24). Forever, God will move your name from "lost" to "saved."

Believing - a Christian perspective
God made a huge promise to Abraham: that he would be the forerunner of a great nation. And Abraham believed it--a simple act, but one that pleased God.