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Liberated Through Submission
Nancy is joined by speaker and author Bunny Wilson who shares that submission for every man and woman, whether single or married, is the path to joy and blessing.

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Portrait of a Woman Used By God
Nancy uses Mary of Nazareth, an ordinary young woman who said yes to God, as an example of the kind of woman God chooses to fulfill His purposes.

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Feminist Mistake: An Interview with Mary Kassian
Nancy welcomes author Mary Kassian to discuss the impact the feminist revolution has had on our lives as Christian women. You'll be challenged in your walk with God as Nancy and Mary go to the heart of what it means to be a woman.

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Hope for Homemakers: An Interview with Donna Otto
Is your home a place where you and your family are glad to be? Nancy and Donna Otto discuss the role women play in developing a godly home. Whether married or single, you'll benefit from suggestions that will encourage you as you shape the atmosphere of your home.

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Becoming a Woman of Virtue
Nancy will guide your thinking and help you evaluate your actions and attitudes in order to become a wise, virtuous woman.

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Counter-Cultural Woman: A Fresh Look at Proverbs 31
It’s easy to get discouraged when we read the description of the Proverbs 31 woman, but we shouldn’t view it as an impossible ideal that we can never live up to. Join Nancy as she encourages you, whether single or married, young or old, to be the excellent woman God created you to be.

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Journey from Feminism to Freedom
Carolyn McCulley and Jennifer Epperson were saturated in feminist thinking, until the day they dared to ask, “Has feminism let us down?” Find out where that question led them on “Journey from Feminism to Freedom."

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A Vision for Biblical Womanhood
When women embrace a God-given vision of biblical womanhood; homes, churches, and cultures are transformed. Nancy explains biblical passages that describe the roles of men and women in a series that will motivate you to serve God in uniquely feminine ways.

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Beautiful Faith of Fearless Submission
How many women resist God-given authority out of fear? If they stop promoting their own agendas, will they be taken advantage of? Pastor John Piper looks to 1 Peter for answers to these questions. He will show you how to live in courageous submission for God’s glory.