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Spoken Like a True Woman: A Conversation with Janet Parshall
Janet Parshall explains why her work in broadcasting and public policy remains a lower priority in life than her role as a wife and mother. Be encouraged to fulfill the most important roles God has for you as a woman.

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When Men Don't Lead: A Look at the Life of Deborah
What are women to do when men are reluctant to lead? The biblical story of Deborah from the Book of Judges gives us a model to follow. You’ll be encouraged by this story of a woman who exerted strong influence in a way that encouraged the men around her to be what God called them to be. This series is sure to spark discussion, as Nancy addresses the modern day feminist movement and calls women to a radically different way of thinking and living.

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Woman's Secret to a Balanced Life: An Interview with Sharon Jaynes
What do you really want out of life? How can you achieve your most important goals with an over-crowded schedule? Nancy welcomes guest Sharon Jaynes as they discuss practical principles from Proverbs 31 that will help you succeed in your many roles as a woman.


Seeing Yourself Through God's Eyes: An Interview with Nancy Stafford
Nancy talks with guest Nancy Stafford who shares her struggle with self-worth and how looks became the center of her existence as an actress. Hear the touching testimony of how an encounter with the Lord changed everything in this woman's life.

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Home-making Is Not a Dirty Word: An Interview with Dr. Pat Ennis and Dr
The subject of homemaking may seem old-fashioned to some, but in reality it’s an important part of God’s mission for our lives as women—whether married or single. This week Nancy welcomes educators and authors Pat Ennis and Lisa Tatlock. They discuss how being a keeper of the home pleases God.

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Feminine Appeal: An Interview With Carolyn Mahaney
Nancy welcomes Carolyn Mahaney and her three daughters, to explore seven feminine virtues found in Titus 2:3-5. Discover what these verses mean for us as 21st century women.

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Metamorphosis of a Mom: An Interview With Janet Lynn Salomon
Janet Lynn, former champion figure skater, faced a struggle and decided to leave a successful ice skating career to devote herself to her husband and children.

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Disciplines of a Beautiful Woman: An Interview with Anne Ortlund
Author Anne Ortlund joins Nancy as they discuss what it means to be a beautiful woman. With time-tested wisdom, gentle encouragement, and a wealth of practical tips, this series will guide you in developing a beautiful lifestyle that truly honors God.

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Disciplines of a Godly Woman
Kent and Barbara Hughes join Nancy as they discuss the implications of what it means to be a godly woman.

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True Beauty
Our culture encourages women to cultivate a beauty that is skin-deep. But God tells us to pursue an inner beauty of great worth. Author and speaker Carolyn Mahaney explains how a woman can cultivate inner beauty, weed out worldly values, and cultivate a heart for God's priorities.

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