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True Woman: Do you have plionexia, too?
It's hard to live where we live and watch what we watch and listen to what we listen to and not covet. We are bombarded with enticements to covet.


True Woman: How to deal with abundance
If God, by His providence, gives us abundance as He gave to Job, David, Solomon and others, then we need to take great care to use our abundance wisely as we guard our hearts from covetousness.


True Woman: Blanketed by Grace
A snow-blanketed junk yard or trash heap looks as beautiful as rolling hills or a pine forest because all you can see is the snow. The same is true for the trash heap that is our lives. The mess we’ve made of things becomes quiet and peaceful when it is covered over by a blanket of God’s grace. What was visible the day before is now forgotten as our once scarlet sins are made white as snow.


True Woman: Finding the Right Church for You
It’s fine to take all kinds of issues into consideration as you decide on a church home for you and your family. But there are more important issues to keep in mind as you determine where you should worship. Here are a few of the issues I’d put on my list . . .


True Woman: LIVE From Indy: Food, Beauty, and Control
Bob Lepine courageously went “where angels fear to tread” as he talked to a room full of women this afternoon about the three areas he believes can easily take on an unhealthy, idolatrous nature: food, beauty, and control.


True Woman Blog: Why church membership?
"Are you an accountable member of a local church? Not just: Is your name somewhere? But, are you committed to discipline and being disciplined according to biblical standards?"


True Woman Blog: What will—and won’t—draw others to Christ
People may not be impressed by the things you say “no” to. But as you kindly, compassionately, humbly love and serve them, they'll find themselves being drawn to the Christ they see in you!


True Woman Blog: Goodbye, Performance . . . Hello, Grace!
Our performance culture tells us that on our good days God smiles on us, and on our bad days he frowns at us. But the gospel tells us something different.