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Something Broken at Christmas - #6508
What a Christmas this could be. What a new beginning! Being broken can actually drive you into the loving arms of Jesus Christ where you can finally be whole.


Turbulence That Transforms - #6251
The shaking you're enduring, the hits you're taking, those are tools in God's hands to bring out an amazing beauty in you: a strength, a tenderness, a maturity, a confidence, a compassion that comes only from being beautified in God's tumbler. So don't wallow in the "why is this happening?" quagmire. Instead, keep asking, "How can God use this?"


"Broken" in the Bible: Psalm 34:18
We often find in the Bible that God's grace is most present in the lives of the weak, the humble, and the downtrodden. This passage notes that those who are broken down in spirit are the closest to God.


Brokenhearted in the Bible: Psalm 147:2-4
God isn't just the God of the strong and mighty; He has a special concern for the weak and brokenhearted. Here, he promises to heal the brokenhearted and gather up those who are lost.


Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - Rescue Insurance - #5655
If you're down in enemy territory, there is no rescue beyond the power of your Savior, whether the rescue is emotional, or medical, or financial, reputational, relational, or even from your own mistakes. In one way or another, your Savior will pull you out. There's no need to run, no need to panic, no need to surrender, no need to be depressed. You have a Savior who is committed to rescuing those He loves.


Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - Never Too Old For His Lap - #4331
Maybe you've been wounded in a relationship lately, you've experienced a very painful loss. Maybe a security blanket you've depended on has been taken away. Someone who's listening today is feeling very lonely, broken, confused, maybe unlovable, or even unloved. When you were little and felt like this, you may have had a parent's lap you could run to for safety and comfort. But you're all grown up now, and you're really hurting inside.


Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - Life-Changing Heart Surgery - #4246
Now, while medical history records that the first heart transplant was performed by Dr. Barnard in the 1960s, real heart transplants were actually pioneered millennia ago - by the Master Heart Surgeon. And this miraculous procedure is more life changing than any medical procedure could ever be.