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The Busy Life
One can draw great satisfaction from a busy life. It's comforting being able to go to sleep every...

Today's devotional: are we too busy to help others?
Everybody's busy these days—it's just a fact of life. Between our careers, families, church...

Today's devotional: too busy to rest?
I once worked with somebody who never took vacations. This was a point of pride for her; if you...

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Freeing the Slaves - #6665
You know, in our world today we are like all accelerator and no brakes. We're living lives without Sabbaths. They're supposed to be part of the created order of God.

Missing You - #6461
Isn't it time for you to renew a regular time to be with the One who loves you the most; to listen to Him as He speaks to you through His word, to talk about your real feelings and your real needs with Jesus? He cares enough about you that He can actually shed tears when His people won't take the love and the peace He offers and the time to be with Him.

Devotional : Obsessed with Distraction
We live in an amazing technological age. From anywhere and at anytime, I can read the news, watch a movie and check my email. We're more entertained, informed and productive than we have ever been. But what effect is this having on our relationship with God?

Help for Busy Woman
Feeling overwhelmed? Learn to seek God for what He wants you to do.

Today’s devotional: are we too busy to help others? - The Blog
Everybody’s busy these days—it’s just a fact of life. Between our careers, families, church activities, and other social responsibilities, there’s never a shortage of something that we could (or should) be doing. All of the above things are important. But is all that busyness hindering our ability to serve Christ? In this Daily Encounter devotional, Richard Innes describes an experiment conducted on a seminary campus. Three different groups of students were each given a different task: [The professor] gave the first group envelopes telling them to proceed immediately across campus to Stewart Hall. He told them that they had 15 minutes and if they didn’t arrive on time, it would affect their grade. A minute or two later, he handed out envelopes to five others. They were also to go over to Stewart Hall, but they had 45 minutes. The third group had three hours to get to Stewart Hall. The students weren’t aware of it, but the professor had arranged for three drama students to meet them along the way. Close to the beginning of their walk, one of the drama students had his hands on his head and was moaning aloud as if in great pain. About half way to Stewart Hall, on the steps of the chapel, the seminary students passed a man who was lying face down as if unconscious. Finally, on the steps of Stewart Hall, the third drama student was acting out a seizure. In the first group of students, those who had only 15 minutes to get across campus, no one stopped to help. In the second group, two students stopped to help. In the last group, the one that had three hours for their assignment, all of the students stopped to help at least one person. The professor had clearly shown these seminarians that hurry hinders ministry. Read the full devotionals at ACTS International. Would you have stopped to help any of those people if you were in a hurry? In the busyness of our everyday lives, let’s make sure we aren’t passing by opportunities to serve others and reflect Christ to the world.

Tuned To The Dispatcher - #2899
God is constantly planning heavenly convergences or divine bump-ins, or divine appointments. That's you converging with a person you need or who needs you, or with the resource you've been looking for, or with some Kingdom assignment God has for you. You're job is to be Spirit-moveable - responsive to those calls from Headquarters.

The "One More Thing" Syndrome - #2827
We tell young people to "just say no" to drugs. That's good advice for us responsibility addicts, too. So the next time you're tempted to over commit yourself, think of that trunk, packed with all it should hold. And, like your Master, have the wisdom and courage to resist trying to add just one more thing.

The MIAs - #2714
Most of us are so busy in our personal rat race - and sometimes so comfy in our Christian cocoon - that we do forget the ones who aren't home yet. But listen to the heart of Jesus - He's aching for those who are still out there lost. How much do the MIAs bother you?

Shutdown Mode - #2843
Before you go to sleep, search through your heart for any garbage that has accumulated - anger, unforgiveness, lust, coveting, comparing, gossip, negative attitudes, sinful treatment of people. Don't shut down until you've cleaned out the junk of the day - by bringing it to Jesus in repentance - right there on your bed.

Serving But Starving - #5738
There's a danger of becoming someone who leads others to experience the Lord while you're slowly becoming a spectator yourself. And you can so fill your life with Christian meetings, Christian positions, and Christian activity that it feels like knowing the Lord. But, in fact, those activities have slowly crowded out that precious private time with Jesus. And that time is the fuel for any valid ministry!