The Busy Life

busy-fluff.jpgOne can draw great satisfaction from a busy life. It’s comforting being able to go to sleep every night knowing that you spent your day doing lots of stuff. But what happens when that busyness transitions into something unhealthy? What happens when working diligently turns into workaholism?

What happens when you stop taking time to love people because that would take too much time from your work?

An article by Acts-International titled Beware of the Barrenness of a Busy Life explores why people flock to busyness, and what affect that mindset can have on our spiritual and emotional lives:

Whatever the cause, if the over-active person sits still for long, his or her inner pain of not feeling okay begins to rise to consciousness. He or she then feels empty, bored, lonely, tired, depressed, or restless. To quieten this pain, he or she just keeps busy, busy, busy.

One escapes his or her pain by becoming an alcoholic. Another, a workaholic. In God’s sight there’s no difference.

One of the most important lessons in life for every individual to learn and teach his or her children is this: One’s worth as a person is never dependent on his or her performance—good or bad. Every person is worthwhile because he or she has been created by God in his image, and loved fully and unconditionally by him.

The rest of the article is at the ACTS International site.

[photo by flickr user freebird4]

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