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Giving away a house
This weekend in Detroit, Craig Gross and Jason Harper gave away a house. As part of their...

Should Christians support only Christian charities?
I recently heard an interesting statement from a pastor regarding charitable giving. He explained...

Do you give charity without strings attached?
For such a simple-sounding task, giving away money sure can be emotionally complicated. A...

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Charity in the Bible: Matthew 6:2
Charity is an important part of the Christian life. However, we are not to made a big public deal of our good works and generosity, for the purpose of boosting our own ego. We're to quietly and humbly serve others with our generosity and charity.

Lausanne World Pulse - Charity and Justice
How Bono and a lawyer/pastor from Malawi led a call recently for justice and charity.

Lausanne World Pulse - Theological Reflections on the Christian Humanitarian Response
There are a number of theological themes that must be kept in mind as we explore the Christian response to humanitarian crises: Hospitality, Charity and Solidarity, Faith and Love, and True Humanitarianism. By Bryant Meyers

Matthew 6: 1- 4
Charity that Pleases God. This passage sets out to proclaim the true lasting motivations for our daily pursuits of giving, praying, and fasting, extending to other pursuits in the coming chapters (6:1-16).