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Responding to the China earthquake
The massive cyclone destruction in Myanmar has occupied world attention in recent weeks—but...

Outreach on the streets of Beijing
While the Olympics are underway, plenty of ministry and outreach is taking place on the streets...

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Lausanne World Pulse - Chinese Persecution–Fact Or Fiction
The sixty to eighty million Christians in China remain the single largest persecuted community today.

Lausanne World Pulse - China’s Millions Website
Website seeks to raise awareness and serve as an educational tool for those interested in helping to fulfill God's purposes for China

Lausanne World Pulse - Into Their World…The Hui of China
With over ten million Hui in China, it is astonishing that there are no known Christians among this people group.

Lausanne World Pulse -Tea for China: Write Short Stories for God
TransWorld Radio-Asia and are using story to help individuals in China learn English.

Lausanne World Pulse - China Sending: A Mission Force on the Rise
The Chinese Church is sending out missionaries in great numbers and is fast becoming a great world leader.

Lausanne World Pulse - Urban Articles - Into Their World...The Akto Turkmen of China
With no known record of any mission work having been done among the Akto Turkmen, this predominantly Sunni Muslim group is ripe for the message of salvation.

Lausanne World Pulse - AIDS in China: The Amity Foundation
The first AIDS case in China was reported in 1985. The following years witnessed rapid growth of the HIV-positive population. Geographically, HIV-positive cases have now been reported in each and every one of the thirty-one provinces