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Mark: A Life-Changing Encounter with God's Word
Mark - This life-transforming study lets you see Jesus Christ through the eyes of Mark. Mark vigorously defends the claim that Jesus was the true Messiah.


Isaiah: jalamberty@juno.com
Isaiah Learn how the prophet's proclamation of God's judgments and His promises applies to us today. God also comforted the humble with glimpses of a Prince of Peace and a Suffering Servant


Proverbs: Ron Rhodes
Proverbs A Life-Changing Encounter with God's Word More than just clever sayings, the proverbs teach how to live life. Apply them to yourself through this study.


Living the Letters: Ephesians: The Navigators
Living the Letters: Ephesians. Explore the rich wisdom of Ephesians on topics such as trusting God, His church, and finding our identity in Christ.


DFD Leader's Guide (revised): The Navigators
This resourceful leader's guide provides all the insight and information needed to share the essential truths of discipleship with others, whether one-on-one or in small groups. Seven foundational steps of discipleship and experience the spiritual disciplines of Bible study.


DFD 6 (revised) Growing in Discipleship: The Navigators
This concise, easy-to-follow study will provide insight and encouragement to help you grow as a true disciple of Christ by learning to share the blessings you've received from God. How should you as a growing disciple of Christ truly express your faith?


DFD 5 (revised) Foundations for Faith: The Navigators
This brief but compelling Bible study will help you get a disciple's perspective on God, His Word, the Holy Spirit, spiritual warfare, and Christ's return. How can the essential doctrines of the faith give you peace and strength in your walk with God?


Design for Discipleship (revised): The Navigators
Design for Discipleship (revised) Bible Study Series Jump-start your spiritual growth by working through the revised versions of these dynamic Bible studies.


Going On with Christ - Updated Edition [10 pack]: The Navigators
Going On with Christ - Updated Edition [10 pack] Discipleship Classics


Beginning with Christ - Updated Edition [10 pack]: The Navigators
Beginning with Christ - Updated Edition [10 pack] Discipleship Classics