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Lessons on Christian Living: The Navigators
Lessons on Christian Living Eight Life-Changing Bible Studies and Memory Verses for Growing Christians Question-and-answer style Bible study


Lessons on Assurance: The Navigators
Lessons on Assurance Five Life-Changing Bible Studies and Memory Verses for New Christians Be sure you're saved and be sure you're growing! Basic Bible truth for new believers.


Growing in Christ: The Navigators
Growing in Christ Bible Study Series Basics of the Christian life


Trusting God: Jerry Bridges
Trusting God Even When Life Hurts Why is it easier to obey God than to trust him? Why is God allowing this? or What have I done wrong?


Transforming Grace: Jerry Bridges
Transforming Grace Living Confidently in God?s Unfailing Love Base our relationship with Him on our performance rather than on His grace. Transforming Grace is a fountainhead of inspiration and renewal.


Lausanne World Pulse - One Hundred Years of Christian Growth
A visual look at the shift of the Church from the global North to the global South.


Lausanne World Pulse - The Past Five Years of Christian Growth Worldwide
Research from 2000-2005 reveals that Christianity continues to move southward at a steady pace.