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Black Friday reflection: Stewardship in the Advent season
It's Black Friday! Thanksgiving is over, and Christmas is on the horizon—but unfortunately,...

Articles on Christmas
Here are a few Christmas articles and resources for you on this last Friday before Christmas....

Journey to Christmas with an Advent reading guide
Now that December is here, one cultural event commands our attention above all else: Christmas!...

The strange season of Advent
We're well into the Advent season, the period of time leading up to the Christmas celebration....

The Christmas story, as told by the original participants
The Christmas story contains some of the most memorable characters of all time: the virgin Mary,...

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Bombshell Birthday
There really is a definite moment when you move from "B.C." to "A.D." - it's when you tell Jesus, "I'm Yours from this day on."

Skin On
Because of Christmas, we've got God with skin on. The Bible says that the Son of God "became flesh and made His dwelling among us (John 1:14).

Homeless No More - #6247
Maybe you've tried to find shelter where you could, but every other "home" has let you down - whether it's a relationship, an experience, an accomplishment - even a religion. It took the greatest act of love and sacrifice in history to make it possible for you and me to find home - including our eternal home in heaven when we die.

Already Yours - #6246
Like any loving father, God loves to give us what we ask for, unless it's something He knows will hurt us. And if He knows what you've asked for is good, He's already got it for you. You have to keep walking in that direction by faith for now, continuing to remind Him that you're trusting Him for it.

Revive Our Hearts: Mary's Secret to Embracing Life-Shaking Circumstances (Janet Parshall)
Set aside Christmas decorations, carols, and cards. Get fresh perspective on a poor, young girl tasked with a gigantic assignment. Janet Parshall helps you see the faith of Mary of Nazareth with new eyes.

Journey to Bethlehem Advent Bible Reading Guide
Spend just a few minutes each day following the Bible’s story of Jesus’ birth. "Journey to Bethlehem" provides you with one short scripture reading each day followed by a reflection question or two designed to help you see how God promised the world a Savior and then kept that promise. Starts November 30th.

True Woman Blog: Tis the Season . . . To Focus on Christ
Each Christmas I struggle with how we can make this time more about celebrating Jesus than about presents, decorations, and all the rest of the trappings.

True Woman Blog: From Holi-Dazed to Holy Day
A real turning point during the Christmas season came for me when I changed the word "holiday" into "holy-day." When I remember that Christmas is the day Jesus broke through the barrier that separates heaven and earth to create a bridge for us to have eternal life, it doesn't remove the busyness of the season, but it does restore perspective.

True Woman Blog: Mary and Elizabeth--Two True Women
Amidst the busyness of Christmas, I want to pause and reflect more deeply upon the Christmas story. And this year God has brought to mind two women who played a major role—two women who I think are true examples of biblical womanhood.

True Woman Blog: Christmas shopping? Skip the squid soap.
Regardless of when you decide to shop for Christmas, don't go out unless you're armed with at least three things.