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Black Friday reflection: Stewardship in the Advent season
It's Black Friday! Thanksgiving is over, and Christmas is on the horizon—but unfortunately,...

Articles on Christmas
Here are a few Christmas articles and resources for you on this last Friday before Christmas....

Journey to Christmas with an Advent reading guide
Now that December is here, one cultural event commands our attention above all else: Christmas!...

The strange season of Advent
We're well into the Advent season, the period of time leading up to the Christmas celebration....

The Christmas story, as told by the original participants
The Christmas story contains some of the most memorable characters of all time: the virgin Mary,...

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True Woman Blog: Joy to the World!
While the progressive instrumental version of "Joy to the World" blasted overhead, I observed grumbling store clerks, worn out children screaming with gusto, couples arguing, and pushy shoppers shoving. No, it was not Black Friday; this was just a typical shopping day during the holiday season. "Joy to the World" was lost in the Christmas crush. Out of desperation to bring Christ into the picture, a few years ago I started my own shopping tradition.

True Woman Blog: "Good Tidings" for Fearful Days
It's easy to be afraid today, hearing news reports of wars and bombings, listening to dire financial predictions, and seeing corruption all around us. But God does not want His children to struggle with fear. His message throughout Scripture is “fear not.”

True Woman Blog: Paper Stars
Have you ever noticed that it’s the simplest, most unassuming things that often have the most worth and value? It’s the things that seem on the surface, so very ordinary, that are often the most profound.

Gift with a Purchase
Practical ideas for sharing Christ during the Christmas season

Revive Our Hearts: His Name is Wonderful: Isaiah 9:6
Ponder several names of Jesus, and discover how the One who is the Prince of Peace, the Wonderful Counselor, the Mighty God, and the Everlasting Father still works in our lives and meets our needs today.

Revive Our Hearts: Mary of Nazareth
Nancy uses Mary of Nazareth, an ordinary young woman who said yes to God, as an example of the kind of woman God chooses to fulfill His purposes. of the Bible

Christmas: what was so special about the Bethlehem shepherds and their lambs.
Hmm. Until last Sunday, I had spent a lifetime not knowing that the Bethlehem shepherds were not just ordinary shepherds. And the lambs they raised were not just ordinary lambs. At least, the first-born males weren’t.

Strange Words For a New Mom - #5991
So you've had your Christmases, you've celebrated Jesus' coming. Have you ever had your Good Friday where you stand at the foot of that cross and say the two words that are the difference between heaven and hell, "For me. Jesus, what You did here was for me. And I'm giving me to You." That is the only way you can receive the gift of eternal life that He died to give you.

Coping with Loneliness at Christmas
Tis the season to be gloomy? That's how many of your friends feel during the holidays. Heres a short piece that can point them to the Friend who will never desert them.

Reflecting Christ’s generosity amidst the holiday shopping madness
A short but appropriate challenge to us as we prepare to celebrate Thanksgiving… and as millions of shoppers brace themselves for the post-Thanksgiving consumer frenzy.