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Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - Spring is Never Sudden - #5029
Here's how God operates: First, there's the seed of what He wants to do, placed in the ground by faith. And then, as far as we can see, nothing is happening. But there is, in fact, invisible growth going on the whole time. It would be a very damaging mistake to keep digging up that seed. You know, "I got to see if anything is happening here." You're going to ruin it that way. The invisible growing time is then followed by some first signs of life. And ultimately, the long-awaited crop appears - but not really suddenly. Just like those beautiful flowers of spring.

Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - Radar from the Rough Times - #5112
God can do something beautiful with that hurt. He turns it into sensitivity - radar for people who are hurting in that same area.

Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - When Plaques Turn Into Life Preservers - #5128
When a storm hits and you're sinking, the promise of God suddenly becomes a life preserver. It's all you've got to hang onto. And the more you hold onto it, the more you live as if the promise really is true, and then the more you can handle. You may be in one of those turbulent moments right now when all you have to hang onto is what you know about God. And, yes, that is enough.

Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - How to Build a Life That Works - #5210
You can tell by how little time you spend with Him, by how little you make Him the bottom line in your decisions, or by the things you do that break His heart. But count on this: unless your life is being built on Jesus as the center, what you're building is not going to last, isn't going to satisfy, isn't going to work.

Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - The Problem With Mount Happiness - #5226
Ultimately, there are no answers on Mount Happiness. It's the wrong mountain. There's only one mountain where you can find what you've spent a lifetime looking for. It's called Skull Hill in the Bible. It's the place where Jesus died for you. When you surrender your life to Him there, everything God has for you comes flooding into your heart.

Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - Turbulence That Transforms - #5269
God wants to use the tumbler to make you strong and indestructible like an oak. Suffering makes wimps into warriors. And He wants to use the turbulence to give you such a beautiful relationship with Him that you will be a stage to show His glory.

Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - What You Gain From What You Lose - #5279
God has a wonderful way of adding or deepening some precious qualities through our times of loss and limitation and pain. Some of the most unforgettable people I've ever met have been people who've suffered much more than I have, and they will tell you that it was their struggle that made them strong. You may not like the process; you probably won't. But you'll like the beautiful results that can come from the process, if you choose to let it make you better instead of making you bitter.

Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - Fractured But Growing - #3830
Tragically, a lot of people do. Their growth stops with the trauma. And there's no denying the damage done when you get hit by a major life-trauma. A divorce, losing your job, losing someone you love, losing your health, a major injury, a depressing setback, a breakup, abuse, dealing with pain from your past. Things like these are major blows, and the hurt is deep and long-lasting. There is very real fracture. The question is: Will you stop growing now?

Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - A Shoulder to Cry On - #5334
One reason we don't move in next to someone who's hurting is because sometimes we don't know what to say. That really doesn't matter. Your job is to let them talk, to let them cry, to listen in a way that you can identify what that person needs right now, and then to see if you or someone you know can help with some of those needs.

Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - The Power of Recycled Garbage - #3982
It's amazing what human engineers can do with the garbage of a city. It's much more amazing what God can do with garbage of our lives. He recycles the worst things that ever happened to us into something wonderfully useful - and even beautiful.