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Do you believe in the Trinity?
For Sam Allberry, confessing that you believe in the Trinity is one thing, actually acting like...

Comment Away!
There's been a flurry of activity behind the scenes here at in the past few months....

How important is community prayer?
One aspect of church worship that's always been a challenge for me is communal prayer. Partway...

Today's Devotional: You Are On God's Team
Humans want to belong; we yearn to be considered a valuable part of something bigger than...

Are Facebook and Mobile Phones Killing the Church?
At the Experimental Theology blog, Dr. Beck posits that the reason millennials aren't going to...

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Community in the Bible: Colossians 1:24
The church of Jesus Christ is referred to here as Christ's body--the medium through which he works here on earth. Just as the different parts of the body coordinate together, so the community of Christ must work together to accomplish its task.

"One another" in the Bible: Romans 12:9-11
Community is an important part of the Christian life. This passage encourages us to remain devoted to our brothers and sisters in Christ, serving God together as a church.

Fellowship in the Bible: Psalm 133:1-3
What's more fulfilling than a life lived in friendship and harmony with those around us? This Psalm gives us a glimpse of life as God would have us live it: in peace and godly community with our neighbors.

Help us Build a Pasadena L'Abri! - Into Thy Word Ministries
Dr. Francis Schaeffer who founded our ministry had given us a call that we have not yet adhered too. Now we have an opportunity to do so. Taking his "True Spirituality" and the "Church at the End of the 21 Century" into more research, which we are doing and into community practice which we have not done as much with. Our goal is to...

Christianity is Community! It is to be a personal team endeavor; it is never just a solo sport or individual activity or merely about solitary or personal agendas.

City Watch
Home page of City Watch, which is an off-shoot of the Navigators of Canada that organizes churches and church leaders in the KW area. Their motto is, "Churches that serve Our Community."

NewWay Ministries School of Spiritual Direction
This week-long intensive for 30 students in a retreat setting is an opportunity to understand and experience how the Spirit works deep in our souls to spiritually form us: and learn and practice a way of following the Spirit in others to arouse and direct their hunger for God.

NewWay Ministries
These videos provide insight into the heart and mission of NewWay Ministries, and its founder, Dr. Crabb. We've collected links to all of the videos here so you can access them from this page.

NewWay Ministries home page
New Way Ministries home page. New Way is committed, "to ignite a revolution in relationships, a new way to live that explores the real battle in our souls and frees us to value intimacy with God more than blessings from God.

Community: Building it in Youth Groups in Various Cultures
What works to build community in one group won't necessarily work in another. Dave Livermore shows us some models that are working in various cultures.