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Will God send another great awakening? Can revival still change nations? These were among the...

Two ministry conferences next week!
Next week will see not one, but two separate conferences put on by members of the

Off to the Internet Ministry Conference
We're off to the Internet Ministry Conference this week! That means posting here will be a bit...

Christian tech conferences in 2009
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True Woman: LIVE From Ft. Worth: Disengaging from Neutral
The reason the True Woman movement is so critical—the reason we do what we do—is that the time has come for us to decide what kind of women we want to be. Neutrality is not an appropriate choice.

True Woman: LIVE From Ft. Worth: Am I a woman who loves the world?
Are you giving the world the affection that belongs to God?

True Woman: LIVE From Ft. Worth: Consider Who's Watching
Nancy Leigh DeMoss took the stage this evening to paint a portrait of true womanhood based on God’s Word. Specifically, she directed our attention to Titus 2...

True Woman: LIVE From Ft. Worth: A rescue effort in Chile . . . and in Ft. Worth
In spite of the fact that there are billions of people on this planet, the world watched and cared deeply for number 16 . . . for number 33. Nancy likened this to Christ’s heart for each individual.

True Woman: LIVE From Ft. Worth: “From the mouth of babes”
Their raw, fragile emotions raged as they waited all Sabbath long before bringing spices to His tomb. When they finally arrived, His body was missing! They looked at each other with hopelessness, confusion, and betrayal . . .

True Woman: Celebrating God
I just have to do one more post about what God did at the True Woman Conference in Indianapolis. You don't mind, do you? . . . Because God deserves some serious celebration after His answers to countless prayers!

True Woman: Conversation with a Taxi Driver
He was from a tiny country in East Africa—an immigrant, divorced long ago, with children he dearly loved. My friend Lynette and I slipped into Kintura's taxi cab at our hotel after the final session of the True Woman conference.

True Woman: LIVE From Indy: Conference Over, Battle Heating Up
When you whisper, “I choose you, Lord,” “I prefer you, Lord . . . in spite of this pain,” it’s like rubbing salt in the enemy’s wounds. You’re saying that God is worth following based on His merits alone! When they see this, the spirits think to themselves, “Woa. How great her God is to inspire such loyalty.”

True Woman: LIVE Video From Indy: Pastor Loritts’ Prayer
Good morning! I prayed for you this morning from Psalm 86—that Your God who is forgiving and good and abounding in love for you would guard your life, bring joy to you on this Saturday, and would give you an undivided heart that you might fear His name.

True Woman: LIVE From Indy: Food, Beauty, and Control
Bob Lepine courageously went “where angels fear to tread” as he talked to a room full of women this afternoon about the three areas he believes can easily take on an unhealthy, idolatrous nature: food, beauty, and control.