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[Culture Week] Billy Graham Center exhibit explores images of the Cross
For two thousand years, the cross has been a universally recognized symbol of the Christian...

Does your church hold a special worship service on Good Friday?
One of the most memorable church services I've ever attended was a Good Friday worship service....

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Christian Devotionals: Holy Week Reflections at Peggie's Place!
A devotional walk through God's Word - and Peggie's pen - each day during Holy Week, reflecting on the final week of Christ's life - His death and Resurrection.

The Proof You Are Loved - #6026
I can't think of a greater tragedy, a greater mistake for you to make, than for you to miss what Jesus gave His life for you to have - for you to end up paying the eternal price that Jesus already paid for you. How does that happen? If you don't reach out and take by faith what He died to give you.

When the Passion Becomes Personal - #6012
Barabbas found himself looking up into the eyes of that man on the middle cross and saying aloud, "You don't deserve to be there, Jesus. I do. But because You're dying there, I don't have to die." I could walk up to the cross where Jesus died and say that, and so could you.

What to Do With the Messes We've Made - #5996
There are two deadly mistakes that keep people from heaven. Thinking you're too good to need Jesus or thinking you're too bad for Jesus to take you. Both wrong - dead wrong.

The Wave and the Warning - #5973
The people who survived the tsunami were the people who ran to the higher ground where the waves couldn't come. The only way you can be safe and beyond the reach of God's judgment is to go to the high ground of a place called Skull Hill where God's judgment for your sin already fell on His Son. The judgment of God can't reach you there; but only there. No other ground is high enough.

The Light That Weathers All Your Storms - #5964
I know a relationship with Jesus can weather every storm. He's loved and sustained us through losing a baby, through financial crises, through all the struggles of parenting, through major medical battles, and at the casket of so many we've loved. Jesus has never abandoned, never let down anyone who's put their life in His hands. He is the one certain light that your heart needs.

Orphan No More - #5960
We make a lot of mistakes for love. And no matter how close our family or friends may be, there's still that unexplainable loneliness deep down inside. It's cosmic loneliness. We're lonely for God. Maybe we're even pretty religious but we're still missing the only love relationship that can satisfy the heart of a spiritual orphan.

How to Banish the Darkness - #5949
When it's the darkest, when it's the hardest to praise Him, that is when you need to praise Him the most, because praise is that blinding light from heaven that dispels the darkness and banishes your enemy.

Crucifixion in the Bible - a Christian perspective
The account of Jesus' crucifixion and death. While it appeared that Christ had been utterly defeated, his true triumph would be apparent a few days later, when he rose from the grave.

"Follow me" in the Bible: Luke 9:23
Following Jesus isn't always easy--in fact, it often requires us to go against the grain of our natural human impulses. The work of loving Jesus and acting righteously is an everyday struggle of denying our own desires.