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Jewish Sandals - #6666
Look around you. I'll bet somewhere God is meeting your need through a miracle of manna right now; just a miraculous, out-of-nowhere provision. But I'll bet somewhere you've got the modern equivalent of those Jewish sandals. Either way, every need is supplied. You're living hand-to-mouth; His hand to your mouth. Wow! Are you secure!


Give us this day - a Christian perspective
Part of the Lord's prayer is an appeal to God to give us our daily bread. Jesus is teaching us that we should pray to God each day for our daily needs.


Daily bread in the Bible: Matthew 6:11
In the Lord's prayer that Jesus prayed in the Gospels, he includes the request for God to provide our daily bread. Having your daily bread--or your food for the day--seems like a small matter to a generation accustomed to supermarkets, but to 1st century people it was something they thought of constantly.