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Incredible video clips: Budapest flashmob, 10-year girl singer, and Toroflux spring
here are three varied videos that demonstrate the power of the visual in different ways: 1. The Resurrection Sunday Dance, performed by a flash-mob (all members of one church) in Budapest last Easter...


David Danced in the Bible - a Christian perspective
When David entered the city with the Ark of the LORD in tow he went before it dancing and singing. David danced with all of his might wearing a linen ephod.


"Dance" in the Bible: Psalm 149:3-4
The understanding of God's grace should produce in us a desire to exuberantly praise Him. In this psalm, God's people are encouraged to praise God with dancing, singing, and celebration.


Lausanne World Pulse - The Use of Dance and Other Creative Arts in Missions and Evangelism
The Christian Dance Fellowship of Malaysia is using both Christian and secular venues to encourage believers and reach non-believers.


LWP - Hip-hop, Jazz, Folk, Traditional…Using Dancing of all styles to share the Gospel
Many styles of dance are being used around the world as worship to God. Dance Fellowships Austria encourages and networks Christians interested in or involved with dance and movement.


Lausanne World Pulse - Grace in the Gospel: Thai Christian Dance
Thai dance is particularly suitable for worship because of the graceful, non-suggestive movements. This article is a descriptive pictorial.