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Dare to Trust Daily Devotionals
These inspiring and challenging devotionals are biblical insights from Ed Powell's 60 years of experiencing God’s grace, sufficiency, and faithfulness under all kinds of life circumstances. 366 devos.


Exclusive Use - #2288
Maybe you have been taken over by your recreation, by television, by your search for a mate. Maybe you are really controlled by the pain of the past, or the anger or the bitterness in your heart, your ambition, your pride. Whatever it is, it didn't, and it probably wouldn't die for you. Nobody loves you like Jesus. Nobody else should have your allegiance, your best. You were created for the exclusive use of the one who purchased you with His blood to be used for what He wants to accomplish where you work, where you go to school, where you live, in what you buy, in what you own, in what you watch, in what you listen to.


Letting Go of Your Little Ones - #5832
For some of us who tend to be like control freaks, we have to make sure we're not trying to "play God" ourselves in our child's life. Parents who truly place their son or daughter in God's hands can lay off the nagging, the manipulating, the meddling, and the criticizing. What we try to control we often end up crushing.


Dedication - a Christian perspective
In 2 Chronicles we read about how Solomon and all of the Israelites celebrated the dedication of the altar for seven days and then observed the festival for seven days.


Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - Slipping Out Of Focus - #4393
Now what you focus on in any given situation will determine your attitude and ultimately your response. It's important that you fill up your lens with the right thing, that you ultimately, of course, focus on Jesus, not on the circumstances. But your heart and your mind are a lot like my camera: you can't just focus once and leave it set there and think it will stay there - the picture keeps changing. You have to get back in focus for each new situation.


Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - Olympic Courage - #8072
It could be that the race Jesus has given you to run for Him has gotten really hard and really painful.


Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - Avoiding A Fall - #4177
Tino Wallenda says that he has found that his grandfather's secret for not falling off the high-wire is also the secret for keeping your balance in life - concentrating on something that never moves. For him, that is Jesus Christ. He's made the right choice.


Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - One More Mission - #4052
As I watched John Glenn heading for one more mission at the age of 78, I thought to myself, "We need some spiritual John Glenns - some seasoned men and women who will take on new missions for Jesus Christ until God takes them home!"


Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - A Thousand Invisible Mornings - #4056
I've never understood people who get involved in a sport or an activity or in anything and settle for mediocre. If you're going to get into it, aim to be all you can be. Now if that's true in sports, it's really true when it comes to serving the King of Kings, the Lord Jesus Christ.