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Does Belief in God Necessitate Belief in Demons?
Earlier this week I ran across a post on Experimental Theology that discusses different...

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Does Belief in God Necessitate Belief in Demons? - The Blog
What role do you think demonic forces play in our world? Do you believe that Satan has a hand in everything, is mainly an impotent being, or doesn’t even exist?

Demons in the Bible: James 2:19
It seems strange to think of demons acknowledging Jesus' Lordship, but this passage uses this image to demonstrate that simply saying you believe in Jesus is not enough--even the demons do that! Our actions, not our words, will ultimately demonstrate if we love Jesus or not.

Abyss in the Bible - a Christian perspective
A group of demons, being cast out by Jesus, begged not to be sent into the Abyss. The Abyss is generally interpreted as hell or a place of judgment.

Who are you - a Christian perspective
When people who weren't followers of Christ tried to cast out demons in his name, it backfired. Simply calling out the name of Jesus doesn't mean anything if you don't believe in him.

Swine - a Christian perspective
Jesus casts demons out of a possessed man and into a nearby herd of pigs. The pigs--considered unclean in the Jewish tradition--plunged off of a nearby cliff.

Devotional : World at War
Spiritual warfare is an unpleasant concept, and not one we like to think about or talk about. Nevertheless, it is very real and we need to be equipped to engage the enemy. In this devotional, we examine what spiritual warfare really looks like and what we are called to do to as warriors for Christ.

Spiritual Warfare
Do you know what Spiritual Warfare is all about? Some Christians spend all their energies on this subject while others do not even know that they are to be on guard against Satan and his demons.

Demon: Tosca Lee
Demon A Memoir Recently divorced and mired in a meaningless existence Lusterless job Dark tale of love, ambition, and grace

The Outflow Of The Mouth » Spiritual Warfare
Quotes that deal with spiritual warfare from various different people.

Are Demons Real?
Do demons really exist, or are they mythical creatures? To find the answer, this article will explore what the Bible tells us about them and how modern Christians should respond.