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Today's devotional: winning the spiritual war in our minds
One of the paradoxes of Christianity is that, while our faith is centered around sharing...

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Fighting it Early - #6694
General Douglas MacArthur said, "The history of failure in war can be summed up in two words - too late. Too late in comprehending the deadly purpose of a potential enemy." Now, think about this in terms of sinful thoughts: Too late in realizing the mortal danger, too late in preparedness, too late in uniting all possible forces to resist it.

Enemy Tricks - #6475
That darkness you're experiencing now, oh that's more than earth darkness. It is from an enemy who cannot stand resistance, but who is rendered powerless by the blood of Jesus Christ. So, make sure that you're fighting the right enemy and you're using the right weapons.

True Woman: LIVE From Indy: Conference Over, Battle Heating Up
When you whisper, “I choose you, Lord,” “I prefer you, Lord . . . in spite of this pain,” it’s like rubbing salt in the enemy’s wounds. You’re saying that God is worth following based on His merits alone! When they see this, the spirits think to themselves, “Woa. How great her God is to inspire such loyalty.”

Does Belief in God Necessitate Belief in Demons? - The Blog
What role do you think demonic forces play in our world? Do you believe that Satan has a hand in everything, is mainly an impotent being, or doesn’t even exist?

Wrestle - a Christian perspective
Christians are engaged in a constant struggle, but not against any physical enemy force or army. Rather, we wrestle continually with temptation and other evil spiritual attacks.

Stronghold - a Christian perspective
The Christian life is characterized by spiritual warfare--but despite the militant language, the Christian's "war" has nothing to do with flesh-and-blood battles or weaponry. Rather, Christians wield spiritual weaponry far more powerful than any human device.

Conflict - a Christian perspective
In the heart of every Christian, a conflict is taking place: between our sinful nature and its urges and the Holy Spirit. The Christian life is in many ways defined by this ongoing struggle to overcome out sinful nature and surrender ourselves completely to God.

"Sword" in the Bible: Ephesians 6:17
The Word of God is described in a number of places as a sword--hard-hitting and effective, capable of piercing even the most resolute mental and spiritual defenses with its simple truth. If we're armed with God's Word, we have no need of any other "weapons"--it is our most effective tool against unbelief.

"Flesh and blood" in the Bible: Ephesians 6:11-13
In a lot of ways, the Christian life were easier if it meant opposing an obvious, physical enemy who we could see and watch out for. But the Christian's struggle is a spiritual one against temptation and sin; to win a struggle like that requires God's help.

Battle in the Bible: Ephesians 6:10-19
The Christian life is sometime described as an ongoing spiritual battle between the spirit of God and the temptations of the devil. This passage explains how to triumph in that battle: equip yourself with God's Word and a life lived in accordance with it.