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Book review: Flickering Pixels - How Technology Shapes Your Faith, by Shane Hipps
This is a very significant and strategic book because it explains the way that electronic media, especially computers and the Web, are changing our culture. As we use them, they are in fact using us, in ways we may not realize. For 500 years, Western culture has been a 'left-brain' print-based communication culture, where we could express everything in 26 alphabetic characters. The way we preached the gospel, structured our Christian activities and systematized our theology - all have been completely shaped by print. But now technology is rapidly changing this print culture. When the medium changes, the message is changed too. Effective evangelism must take account of these changes.


Free webinars on web and digital ministry from leading thinkers and commentators
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Open letter to bible college and seminary principals, deans of studies, course administrators
This letter explains the strategic significance of teaching digital ministry in colleges.


Mobile phone evangelism using cell phones and other mobile devices: Christian outreach strategies
With approaching 4 billion mobile phone users, we have a unique opportunity to share the good news in a variety of ways.