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Lausanne World Pulse - Christian Partnership Amidst and After the Tsunami Devastation
Where were you when the tsunami of 2005 devastated huge portions of Southeast Asia? I was celebrating the birth of Jesus, creator and savior of humankind, on a bright, sunny morning.


On the Frontlines of Disaster: Operation Blessing a First Responder to the Hurting
The residents of the upper and lower ninth ward in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA, never expected to hear the cracking sounds of the levee that gave way to the rushing floodwaters brought on by Hurricane Katrina. They never expected to smell the stench of corpses or see the debris-choked streets.


Lausanne World Pulse - The Biblical Response to Disaster Requires Surrender
Christians can look to the example of Nehemiah to respond to the challenges and opportunities presented by disasters, but they must first “surrender all.”


Sri Lankan Devastation Allows the Universal Church an Opportunity to Give
Sri Lankan beaches are the most picturesque in the world. Soft sounds of the waves lapping, an endless strip of white, sandy beaches contrasting with deep, blue waters and coral reefs that are home to many types of tropical fish—these are the wonders of the Sri Lankan coast


After the Attack: Finding Open Doors to Share the Gospel in Beslan, Russia
Beslan is a small town where people seem to know something about nearly everyone. It’s a town where hospitality is treasured and where children walk the streets freely. Beslan is a town where cows can graze wherever they please. Why did such tragedy happen here, of all places?


Lausanne World Pulse - More than a Band-aid
Pastors will say that the two occasions when people are most receptive to the gospel are at weddings and at funerals, during times of celebration and during times of grief. From this, one might conclude that disasters are times when people are open to addressing spiritual issues.


Lausanne World Pulse - Disaster Relief Jesus’ Way
By Ginny Feldmann Hearing of a disaster in your homeland is hard. Watching helplessly on television while your countrymen are suffering is excruciating. This is how I feel when watching news of the earthquake in Pakistan.