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True Woman: TW Video: What God Can Do Through One Ordinary Woman
It's really a story about God and how He delights to use one ordinary woman to reach her family, church, country, and the world.


True Woman: LIVE from Indy: Going Behind the Scenes; Going Global
At 9 a.m., a few of us from the Revive Our Hearts team met in room 309 of the Westin. Over breakfast, we gave our friends from the Dominican Republic the go-ahead to begin translating and airing Nancy’s radio program in Santo Domingo, making it our inaugural start in Spanish broadcasting!


True Woman Blog: Travel with us to the Dominican Republic!
Today, five of us are going international to bring you the stories of some amazing women from the Dominican Republic. Thanks to the worldwide web, you’ll be able to travel with us for the next several days!


True Woman Blog: We're Here! Meet the Team.
Then there’s Chiree Bollinger. She’s the master storyteller. She’ll sit down with the women and work magic so that within a couple minutes they’ve all but forgotten that bright lights, cameras, and reflectors in their faces are anything but natural . . .


True Woman Blog: Rock-solid women
As the afternoon faded into evening, it quickly became apparent to me that these women have something I don’t: their trust in God is rock-solid. Their faces and lives are illuminated with joy in the middle of difficult—even terrifying—circumstances.


True Woman Blog: The Predictable Unpredictable-ness of a Video Shoot
We were just a few minutes into the interview when it became apparent that we would not be able to continue. Between the neighbors’ outdoor birthday party (think lots of 6- and 7-year-old girls blowing birthday horns) and their Chihuahua’s persistent yapping (who knew such a little dog could make such a racket!), we knew we would not win the war against the noise.


True Woman Blog: The True Woman Movement Alive and Well in the Dominican Republic
At True Woman '08, the Lord started “tumbling down” everything Cindy believed about life, marriage, and more. In her words, “It’s where God revealed Himself to me. He’s changed my life completely.” He really has!


True Woman blog: Wrapping things up in the Dominican Republic
Wes Ward, our director of media, left for the US today saying, “I have never seen one place where so much of what we do is used so widely, by so many, so deeply, so regularly.” Everywhere we turn there are more stories of how God is transforming individuals, families—even churches—as a result of the True Woman Conferences and Revive Our Hearts resources.


True Woman Blog: True Woman Videos: Dominican Republic women attend conference
The True Woman Movement continues--and not just in the U.S. . . .