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Find inspiration and revival with evangelist Luis Palau as he proclaims the Gospel, mobilizes the church, and equips the next generation with his message of Hope.

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Crucify in the Bible: Matthew 27:20-26
When Jesus was put on trial, the crowd that gathered to watch the proceedings was asked what they wanted done with him. Their awful demand was "Crucify him."

Jesus' death in the Bible: Matthew 27:11-66
The story of Jesus' trial and execution, beginning with his appearance before the governor Pilate.

Pilate in the Bible: Matthew 27:11-26
Pilate is one of the most curious characters in the Easter story. He presided over Jesus' final sentencing, and he understood that Jesus was innocent of wrongdoing--but he bowed to the pressure of the crowd in the end and sent Jesus to die.

"Tomb" in the Bible: Matthew 28:2-8
The Easter story culminates with this scene at the tomb of Jesus, where his followers learn that he he risen and is no longer buried within. When the women arrive at the tomb, they find an angel standing near the open entrance and learn the amazing news: Jesus has risen!

Mary Magdalene in the Bible: Mark 16:9
When Jesus rose triumphantly from the dead, he didn't appear before the mighty rulers of Rome or the lofty religious leaders of the day. Instead, he appeared to the same humble people he served every day of his life--in this case, his faithful follower Mary Magdalene, who he had earlier saved from demon possession.

Donkey in the Bible: Matthew 21:1-11
When Jesus made his triumphal appearance in Jerusalem, he rode in not on a majestic horse, but on a humble donkey. It was a telling symbol for a Savior who came not with political power or military might, but with humility and a spirit of self-sacrifice.

"Son of God" in the Bible: Matthew 26:63-64
Was Jesus the Son of God? That might be the most important question in all of history, and it's answered here in this passage, where Jesus' accusers ask him directly whether or not he is the prophesied Savior.

Palm in the Bible: John 12:12-19
"Palm Sunday" is so named because when Jesus made his triumphal entry into Jerusalem, some of the people there waved palm branches to honor him as he passed. Unfortunately, many of the same people would be calling for his crucifixion just a few days later.

"It is finished" in the Bible: John 19:29-30
Jesus' last words on the cross, indicating that with his death, His mission on earth was complete. All that remained was his resurrection three days later.

Easter in the Bible: Luke 24:1-12
The morning of Jesus Christ's resurrection was filled with confusion and delight. In Luke's account, the women went to the tomb and found it empty and immediately went to tell the disciples, who at first did not believe them. It was Peter who finally ran to the tomb and found the strips of linen laying where Jesus was supposed to be. What followed was a changed world.