The longest time of year for youth ministry

boredWhat’s the longest, most difficult time of year for youth ministry? We’re right in the middle of it—the “dead zone” between Christmas and summer, when youth leaders around the world struggle to inspire kids who are either still coming down off the holiday rush, or are just looking forward to spring and summer.

An article by Steve Argue and Dave Livermore over at Intersect challenges us not to let these long, slow months slip past us on the way to summer:

Ironically, in the Christian calendar, this is the time of the year when everything heats up. It’s called Lent and Easter. These days are the deepest, most significant, central part of our Christian existence. Lent and Easter are part of a greater rhythm called the Christian calendar that anchors us in a rich heritage of faith that has been the spiritual metronome of faith communities for hundreds of years….

Lent isn’t something that can just be squeezed in. Our youth ministry schedules won’t allow for adding one more thing. But what if we let Lent shape our existing activities this season?

They close the article with some practical ideas for doing just that. Worth reading, particularly if your youth ministry feels stuck in the doldrums at this time of year.

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