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Adult learning principles: how people learn effectively including in Christian environment
How best do people learn? It is an interesting question with some fascinating answers, because it has a high degree of relevance to effective Christian communication of the Gospel. Until relatively recently, all teaching strategies were developed for children. But now, considerable research has been done on the best ways to teach adults effectively. Indeed it is a subject that can itself be studied at undergraduate or postgraduate levels.


Why Christian drama communicates. Is it biblical and effective? Plus free drama skits.
Sometimes Christians have been wary of using drama. “Can it be right to communicate in this way?” they ask. Others may happily use drama for children, but consider it has no relevance for communicating to adults. We suggest that drama is an under-used yet essential means of communicating Gospel truths, both to Christians and non-Christians. Of course there are dangers. There are dangers with preaching, dangers with street witnessing, dangers with web evangelism, dangers with radio evangelism. Let’s look at why drama is biblical and effective.


Spurgeon and sermons - why was C H Spurgeon so effective in preaching the Christian gospel?
List the most significant Christian preachers and leaders in the English-speaking world of the 19th century, and Charles Haddon Spurgeon will probably be near the top. Before his death in 1892, he had published more than twenty-five hundred sermons and forty-nine volumes of commentaries, sayings, anecdotes, illustrations, and devotions. Spurgeon often worked 18 hours a day.


Digital communication culture
Computers and digital media are changing the world. We need to be like the men of Issachar, “.. who understood the times and knew what Israel should do...” – 1 Chronicles 12:32. There are now over 2 billion users around the world, and the majority of them are in non-Western nations, especially the hard-to-reach ‘10-40 Window’ region. Many people look to the Internet as their first port of call for help and information on virtually anything.


Wilbur Schramm principle of common interest communication is a Bible strategy for Christians
There are a number of theories of communication, often quite complex to grasp. (Some are explained here.) They are nevertheless helpful to us in understanding how messages are transmitted and received. Rather than being ‘psycho-babble’, they often demonstrate human truths which are also clearly given us in the Bible.


Are strategies biblical? Why do we need strategy to preach the Gospel?
Some people might ask, “Why do we need evangelistic strategies at all? Surely we are just called on to preach the Gospel, plain and straight, and leave God to do the rest?” Even the words ‘communication strategies’ may seem to imply worldly marketing methods rather than a dependence on the power of the Gospel through the Holy Spirit.


Evangelism by building relationships and befriending: the evangelism method Jesus used
Web Evangelism, indeed any form of outreach, should not primarily be 'cut and run' – the hope that a quick exposure to an evangelistic page, tract, or some other message is likely to communicate effectively on its own. Fruit from web evangelism does not usually happen this way. “Non-relational evangelism is a contradiction,” says Southern Baptist communicator Ed Stetzer.


Book review: Purpose-driven Life: What on Earth Am I Here For, by Rick Warren
Rick Warren’s best-seller has led to transformation of individual Christian lives and church ministry, as it has shown people that God has a specific fulfilling plan for their them. And one part of that, of course, is fitting into His evangelistic strategy for the world.


Book review: How to Welcome Church Visitors, by Chris Walker
This 62-page e-book explains the principles of welcoming visitors to your church, and giving a good first impression. The site also offers a free 5-page email introductory course Avoid First Time Visitor Nightmares!


Book review: Web-Empower Your Church, by Mark Stephenson
Stephenson tell us the story of his own church’s journey, lessons and challenges, as it started on creating and developing a website. If you are a non-techie, you can skip the the technical explanations and concentrate on Mark’s clear explanations for the huge potential for church website ministry, based on the lessons that Ginghamsburg Church have learned.