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Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - When The Captain is Not at the Helm - #4327
In our word for today from the Word of God, we see what happens when the captain of a family forfeits the helm. As we look at the story in Genesis 16:1, remember that God has promised the captain of this family, Abram, that he and his wife Sarai are going to miraculously have a son in their old age. A son from whom a nation will come, and the son who they have been waiting for a while.


Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - The Biggest Spiritual Mistake In The World - #4334
Tragically, most of the religious people on this planet are making the mistake of trying to earn from God what He says we can only have as a gift. In fact, I believe that's why so many people observe their religion's ceremonies, attend their religion's meetings, try to live by their religion's rules -- they're trying to earn eternal life in heaven by doing good things and being good people. Now, it's a good thing to live a good life, but it's a deadly thing to depend on your good life to get you into heaven.


Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - When the Tapestry is Unraveling - #4356
God's been weaving you into one of His tapestries - your family, your church (that's the tapestries that He does), maybe the people you minister with, your network of Christian relationships. The threads in God's masterpiece are His children, who like threads are in any tapestry, are very different from one another. People who are mostly head, people who are mostly heart, soft people, rough people, outspoken people, soft-spoken people, compliant folks, controlling folks, race horses, plodders.


Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - Born to Fly - #4389
Maybe these words would basically describe how you would size up your life these days: "It's not bad; it's just not enough." Things are going okay. Nothing's melting down. But you're inexplicably, incurably restless. There's never enough love. There's never enough fulfillment - never enough peace. Something's missing.


Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - Standing Strong, In Spite Of The Storm - #4397
The creed of the guards of the Unknown Soldier commits them to maintain their vigil for America's honored dead, no matter what the storm. And even with permission to avoid the ravages of the storm, they refused to leave their post. It's the kind of loyalty and dedication that should characterize anyone trusted with an assignment by Jesus Christ - who deserves the highest honor for the death He died for us and His victory over death on Easter Morning.


Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - The Longer it Waits, the Harder it Gets - #4593
Maybe there's a strained relationship in your life right now. Maybe there have been too many sunsets and bad feelings toward someone. It will never be smaller than it is right now. It's probably bigger than it used to be, but this is the smallest it will ever be. This issue will never be easier to address than right now, no matter how hard that might seem to you. It's only going to get harder. It's only going to get more costly, and you'll only turn darker inside. Today is always your best opportunity to go to that person and do whatever it takes to repair things.


Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - Never Without Your Weapon - #4621
Israeli soldiers are respected all over the world for their military ability. That day in Jerusalem, I saw one reason why. They know something every follower of Christ has to remember. We have to always be prepared for war, and it doesn't stop because you're relaxing. Always carry your weapon - the artillery of God's words loaded in your heart.


Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - Untouchable Worth - #4624
From the time that egg and sperm came together to begin you, God was creating an original and building into you the qualities and the experiences and the capabilities to make a unique difference, to "do good works which God prepared in advance for you to do." You're an original! You're priceless - unless you become a copy of someone else, in which case you go for cheap.


Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - Trampling on a Masterpiece - #4627
Social scientists tell us that our kids need seven positives to come back to zero after they have heard just one negative. We never forget the names that we're called by a parent, or things we are accused of by a parent. I'm sure you haven't forgotten. Every time you fired careless words at your husband or your wife when you're tired, or you want to win or you want to get your way, you've been ripping a person God is trying to build.


Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - Verbal Halitosis - #4632
You've got to ask the Lord to help you hear those spiritual alarms that go off before you're about to say something that's really hurtful. We've already done it enough for a lifetime. Stop it before it comes out. It's like a bullet coming out of a gun. You can't stop it. You have to stop it by not pulling the trigger. Once it's sent to its target, it's just going to do its damage.