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True Woman: Calling All Men for International Women's Day
The message we are hearing this International Women’s Day is that women will only be equal when they assume the same roles as men. Enforcing “sameness” will uphold woman’s worth and dignity. I beg to differ.


Equality in the Bible - a Christian perspective
Jesus repeatedly challenged conventional wisdom about social hierarchies. Here, he states that in God's kingdom, it is the humble servants who are most honored, not the proud and the strong.


Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - Everyone's First Class - #4066
The challenge is to make sure we don't have the people in our life divided into two categories, like most airplanes do. OK, over here are the people I treat special, and here are the people I give something less than my best to. See, our human nature tends to turn it on a little more when the person has some money, or when they're physically attractive, when they're "important," when they've got a great personality, when they can help us in some way or make us look good or feel good.


LWP - “Sent to Preach the Gospel”: Christians for Biblical Equality 2008 Conference
CBE conference focuses on the issue of gender and missions, particularly on the challenges Christian men and women face as they work together on mission fields around the world.


Men and Women: Similarities and Differences
Dr. Wayne Grudem explains the beauty of the fact that God made men and women equal, but has given them different roles in the home. This important message provides a biblical framework for responding to those in our culture—and in the evangelical church—who believe there should be no differences.

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