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Today's devotional: overcoming our flaws
One aspect of the Bible that I've always felt reinforced its authenticity and trustworthiness is...

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Christian failure to communicate effectively with outsiders
Our biggest failure has been to frequently fail to reach unchurched outsiders. Yet this is possible, if only we would do it appropriately. Sheridan Voysey writes: "A fascinating experiment has been taking place in Australian Christian radio. The result is that between 40-70% of the audience listening to these stations have no connection with church...

Free ebook from Bryan Allain: This is NOT a treasure map
Sign up for the email newsletter at Killer Tribes and you'll get a free copy of Bryan Allain's new booklet This is NOT a treasure map as a thank you. This is a helpful message to anyone who has been disappointed in a creative project or ministry. In 25 pages, he shows you a new (and biblical) way of perceiving your life, failures and successes.

Deliberate Forgetting - #6566
The enemy loves to have you dwell on the past. I'll tell you why. Because it can't be changed. He wants you to think about those past failures because you can't do anything about them. He wants you to think about those past damages because you can't change those, instead of what you can affect, which is this 24-hour period of time and a future that has yet to be written.

One Wall That Keeps the Sharks Away - #6553
As each new day begins, open God's Word and you apply it to your struggles, your weaknesses, your failures. I need to rebuild my biblical wall every new day. It's also vital that key verses become a part of you; part of your personality. That means committing to memory verses that directly address your "shark."

Why most people fail to use social media effectively, Christian or secular
Tamar Weinberg's blog posting Why Most People Fail in Social Media is a must-read for anyone who hopes to use Facebook, Twitter or blogs to engage with others. If we think of the social media as one-way communication rather than relational community, we will fail.

Problems and opportunities in church ministry, online and offline
# Steve Kryger at Communicate Jesus blog, recently needed to phone a number of churches in his country. What a nightmare! Those who have attempted to email churches via their websites have found a similar picture. # Changes to Facebook make it easier for churches or groups (rather than individuals) to have a Facebook presence. OurChurch has blogged about these developments. # Craig von Buseck interviews Sterling Huston about digital evangelism here – one question discussed is that of having a web evangelism team within a church. Do you know of churches who already have such teams? Please share how these work, using the ‘comment’ link below. # We now have a 2-page handout about digital evangelism, which can be used to print and distribute in a church, or can be republished (in whole or in part) in newsletters, blogs, magazines:

Outlets Without Power - #5926
With so much pressure on you, there just doesn't seem to be the power to handle it all. Your spirituality, your religion may give you some spiritual experiences, but that's not the power we really need. We need spiritual power that changes the things about us that we have never been able to change; to beat the things that have always beaten us.

Failure - a Christian perspective
Failure doesn't always look the same. Paul tells the Thessalonians that he had suffered before for the gospel in Phillipi. Paul relied on the strength of God to turn what might have been deemed a failure into a success.

Ron Hutchcraft Ministries, Inc. - How Champions Bounce Back - #8219 | Radio Program | A Life That Matters
I’m Ron Hutchcraft, and when you fail, when you’ve had a loss, you can do one of two things: let your defeat become discouragement, or let your defeat become determination.

Hebrews 3:7-19 - Into Thy Word Ministries
Learning from Failure. A call of the Holy Spirit is given; a warning is proclaimed that we must listen to the voice of our Lord Jesus Christ.