Today’s devotional: overcoming our flaws

One aspect of the Bible that I’ve always felt reinforced its authenticity and trustworthiness is its willingness to expose the failings of its heroes. Moses, David, Paul—if the Bible were a straight hagiography of these “heroes of the faith,” we would read only of their mighty accomplishments, and we wouldn’t find any mention of their failings.

But the Bible isn’t interested in whitewashing the lives and actions of even these great heroes; their flaws are described alongside their virtues. And it’s often the case that their failings teach us just as much or more about living in faith than do their mighty deeds.

In this Daily Strength devotional, Joe Stowell turns a discerning gaze to the life of Abraham, the most famous of all Old Testament believers. What was Abraham’s flaw? Fear… of the same sort that affects each of us today:

…before you come down too hard on Abraham, it might be good to ask: For fear of losing your job, would you put your integrity at risk? For fear of appearing old-fashioned, would you put righteousness at risk? For fear of being ridiculed or misunderstood, would you neglect sharing the gospel and put someones eternity at risk?

If youve ever felt the intimidation of fear, then be assured that only one thing will conquer your fears: tenacious faith in God—in His presence, His protection, His power, His promises. Remember, God is bigger than your biggest fear!

And heres the good news: Abraham is actually known for his legacy as a man of faith. In fact, the Hall of Faith chapter gives Abraham a lot of good press (Hebrews 11:8-19)! Thankfully he wasnt marked forever by his flaw.

Imagine that a future biographer is describing your life and accomplishments. What flaw(s) might they point out? Are you allowing that flaw to define your life and relationship to God, or are you asking God to give your victory over it?

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