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Playing Favorites, Playing Fair - #6275
People will measure your fairness and they'll measure your favoritism after you act. We should measure it before we act. What's the ripple effect going to be? How will this be perceived in terms of its justice - its fairness? How will this make everyone else feel beside the person I'm deciding for right now? In Godly governing, there's just no room for playing favorites, because God doesn't.


Fairness in the Bible: Exodus 23:1-3;
In Exodus God, through Moses, lays out his law for the Hebrew people. In an effort towards fairness he tells them to not lie to protect a wicked man and to not "pervert the law" and follow the crowd. He also says to not show favoritism to those who are poor in a lawsuit.


Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - Everyone's First Class - #4066
The challenge is to make sure we don't have the people in our life divided into two categories, like most airplanes do. OK, over here are the people I treat special, and here are the people I give something less than my best to. See, our human nature tends to turn it on a little more when the person has some money, or when they're physically attractive, when they're "important," when they've got a great personality, when they can help us in some way or make us look good or feel good.


Gay Rights: A Summary of the Debate - Faith Facts
There are claims that the Bible does not really condemn homosexual behavior or that Jesus would not condemn this behavior. But let's look at what the Bible actually says.