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Is thinness next to godliness? is talking about thinness, and how it relates to our spiritual lives: It’s...

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True Woman: LIVE From Indy: Food, Beauty, and Control
Bob Lepine courageously went “where angels fear to tread” as he talked to a room full of women this afternoon about the three areas he believes can easily take on an unhealthy, idolatrous nature: food, beauty, and control.

Disciplined Eating
Twelve questions you can ask yourself in order to determine whether your eating is sinful or not.

Worry in the Bible: Matthew 6:25
It's easy to become anxious about the wrong things. We sometimes stress out about temporary things: our cars, houses, clothes or food. While all of those things are definitely important, they are not the things we are supposed to are to lose sleep over.

Love to Eat, Hate to Eat
Food is a major source of frustration and defeat for many Christian women, whether we eat too much or too little. Nancy welcomes author and counselor Elyse Fitzpatrick as they speak candidly about their own struggles with food and strive to help us understand this area from God’s perspective. Christian Li...

Family Recipes | 91.3 WCSG
WCSG has ideas for dinner, a family get together, or holiday celebration compiled right here. We've compiled some great tried and true recipes from our staff and other friends of the ministry for you. Take a look and try something new today.