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A New Government for Nepal
On May 28, Nepal's government became a democratic republic after over 200 years as the world's...

Missionary Stories: The Beigerts are in Peru
Missionary stories are almost always encouraging. They're the tales of men and women making...

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Lausanne World Pulse - Status of Global Mission 2007: An Annual Update
An overview of global missions in 2007.

ASGM - Global action: Introduction
SGM USA's Global action programs are a response to specific needs and issues facing a 21st century world; issues such as the AIDS pandemic, massive numbers of street children, and an increase in violence and family breakdown.

Links for Nurses Christian Fellowship International
Links to Christian nursing resources on the internet for nurses and midwives. List compiled by Nurses Christian Fellowship International.

Regional Projects of Nurses Christian Fellowship International
It is NCFI's policy to financially support projects which may be undertaken by a National Nurses Christian Fellowship, within any of the six NCFI worldwide regions. Any project must be consistent with the NCFI Regional Strategic Aims.

Nurses Christian Fellowship International - Prayer Guide for January to March 2008
A prayer calendar and guide for Nurses Christian Fellowship International.

Member Countries of Nurses Christian Fellowship International
Currently there are twenty-eight National Nurses Christian Fellowships who are in full membership of NCF International. This page has a listing of countries and regions with active members.

Wall Maps for Missions from GMI
Customized wall maps from Global Mapping International.

GMI Ministry Programs
The GMI team is involved in a variety of research and information technology programs in support of Christian missions ministries around the world. To learn more about any of them, simply click on a program below.

Mission Network News
Mission Network News' home page. MNN "is a mission news service dedicated to keeping Christians informed on evangelical mission activity around the world."

Short-Term Missions Search & Christian Urban Internships:
Directory of short-term missions opportunities available through You can browse opportunities by region, skill area, or group size. Searching and posting opportunities is free.