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A New Government for Nepal
On May 28, Nepal's government became a democratic republic after over 200 years as the world's...

Should churches be tax-exempt?
One of the foundational lessons the United States' founders drew from European history was that...

Today's devotional: how does the Bible define "justice"?
Justice has been on my mind this morning since I read about the conviction of Khmer Rouge...

Should the Local Church Say Thank You to the Government?
My church recently passed around a resolution for its members to sign. It thanked our local...

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North Korean youth play A-ha hit on, yes, accordions
We get so few glimpses of North Korean life. Here's a cover version of A-ha's hit Take on Me, shot in Pyongyang, North Korea, at the Kum Song school. Pray for North Korea

When Uncle Sam Shuts Down - #6414
When the usual supply line suddenly shuts down, it might be a good idea to open the windows for the ravens.

Give to caesar - a Christian perspective
Jesus' enemies tried to trap him by asking him the politically-charged question or whether or not people should pay taxes to the Roman caesar. Jesus' response disarmed their attempt to trap him into saying something either unpopular or illegal.

Govern in the Bible - a Christian perspective
Christians are instructed to respect the governing authorities, paying them their due and not making their lives more difficult. Those put into government roles are given extra responsibilities by God, and Christians should be respectful of that authority and responsibility.

Respect authority - a Christian perspective
Jesus did not preach violent revolution against the government like many radical revolutionaries did. He actually instructed people to respect those put into positions of authority over them, and to give them their due.

Leaders in the Bible: Hebrews 13:17
We're told to respect those in leadership positions over us, doing our best to make their tasks easier and not needlessly difficult. They're accountable to God for their leadership, so we shouldn't make their job harder than it needs to be.

Government in the Bible: Romans 13:1-7
The Bible does not specify what type of government Christians should work toward. It does, however, instruct Christians to obey the government under which they find themselves living, and to give to others what they are owed--whether it is money or respect.

Obedience in the Bible: Hebrews 13:17
This is another Bible passage that discusses how we are to relate to people put in authority over us. We're to obey and respect them (so long as doing so doesn't disobey God), and we are not to do anything to make their tasks more difficult than necessary.

Authority in the Bible: Romans 13:1-7
Are Christians exempt from having to follow human laws or pay taxes? Not according to this passage, in which Christians are exhorted to respect earthly authorities, which derive their authority from God. We are, in fact, to be model citizens, showing respect and charity to those in positions of authority over us.

Lessons from President-Elect Obama
Are there any lessons to be learned from the election of Barack Obama as the 44th President of the United States? Read this short article for a good perspective on the subject. PDF download of the article is also available here.