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"Merry Christmas" or "Happy Holidays"?
Around the holidays there is always talk about the importance—or unimportance, depending on...

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Welcome and assimilate church visitors - avoid de-evangelizing trap
Matt Neace writes, “I was at a conference a few years ago where they told the story of a church that looked as though they were really thriving: they had about 500 people attending, and had many outreach ministries reaching their community, and many people were coming to Christ and to church through their ministry. The problem was that the church was not growing in numbers – people were leaving as quickly as they were coming in.”

Book review: Fusion - Turning First-Time Guests into Fully-Engaged Members of Your Church, by Nelson Searcy
This expands on Searcy’s well-known Assimilation Seminar. Some suggestions in the book may not be equally applicable to all cultures, or might only work if modified. Not all would be appropriate in UK, for instance.

Grace and peace - a Christian perspective
This short greeting, wishing God's grace and peace on the person you're speaking to, is used today in many Christian church services to welcome the congregation to worship.

Holy kiss in the Bible - a Christian perspective
The early Christian church used a "holy kiss" as a form of greeting each other.

Friendliness: Evaluating How You Welcome Newcomers
An object lesson to shock your students out of their clicks and snootiness.