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Book review: Growth by Accident, Death by Planning, by Bob Whitesel
We believe that the Web has enormous potential in facilitating church growth. But a church which does not understand the spiritual dynamics of growth may fail to grow despite an apparently good evangelistic program. Bob Whitesel is a church doctor/consultant. There are very few people with his sort of ministry.


When the Goal is Beyond Your Reach - #6134
Jesus was beckoning Peter to do something he had never done so he could experience something he had never experienced, just like I was doing with my little granddaughter. And that day Peter decided to take an even riskier step. He left the only life he knew, as a fisherman, and chose to follow Jesus wherever He took him, which was to give to his life a spiritual significance he could have never imagined. But he had to move beyond what was safe, and so do you.


"Grow" in the Bible: Philippians 1:9-11
The writer of this passages expresses his desire that our love would "abound more and more"--in other words, that it would grow as we mature in the faith. The Christian life is not a spiritually static experience; as we commit more deeply to Christ, we should see an increase in grace in our own life and behavior.