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God's Weight Room - #6177
God's your spotter. He won't allow you to have more weight than you can handle right now. He's promised that. But He will give you something heavier than you lifted before, so you can become more powerful in Him than you've ever been before.


The Painful Road to Greater Results - #6111
Pruning is actually God's loving surgery to let His light go deeper into your life than it has ever gone before. You may not enjoy the process. You probably won't enjoy the process - but you, and everybody else is going to love the results!


Growing - a Christian perspective
Jesus says that the kingdom of God is like a man who was growing grain. He scattered the seeds and no matter if he slept or was awake the seeds grew. After growing for a while the seeds produced ripe grain with full kernels. At that time he cuts it down because it is the harvest.


Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - Putting it On Or Rubbing it in - #5665
When you open your mind to the words of God, open up your life, too! All this Bible you're learning and believing is supposed to be growing a Jesus-heart in you and a life that looks more and more like His. Every day, open yourself up to God's Holy Spirit to take the words He inspired and to rub them into your life.