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Destination Sickness - #6368
Jesus walked out of His grave under His own power, so He's alive to walk into our lives and change them, and fill that hole in your heart. It doesn't have to be there any longer. Why waste any more years or days looking where there are no answers and no ultimate fulfillment?


Felt Needs: is ministering to conscious felt needs a biblical approach to open closed minds?
This article is Chapter 8 in Dick Innes’ book I Hate Witnessing and is carried here in grateful partnership with him. You may reproduce this article without permission in print publications, or incorporate it into your website, subject to conditions explained in page footer.


Secrets - a Christian perspective
The Bible is very clear that we cannot keep secrets from God. In the end all of our secrets will be judged by God and all of our darkness will be exposed to the light.


Hearts - a Christian perspective
In John's first epistle he speaks our of hearts and their ability to condemn us. He argues that our hearts can rest in the presence of God because God is greater than our hearts and knows everything.