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Luis Palau Evangelistic Association
Find inspiration and revival with evangelist Luis Palau as he proclaims the Gospel, mobilizes the church, and equips the next generation with his message of Hope.

ACTS International

Ravi Zacharias International Ministries
An international ministry of apologetics and evangelism—answering skeptics' questions about Christianity and helping Christians better understand their own beliefs.

Into Thy Word

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No more - a Christian perspective
The great promise of Jesus is that through his redeeming work, we can look forward to a day when we will live with God, in a kingdom where there is no more pain, sorrow, or suffering.

Sheet - a Christian perspective
Peter had a vision in which he saw a large sheet lowered down from heaven. The point of the vision was to teach Peter that God's kingdom was not restricted to just Israel, but was open to people from every race and nationality.

River of life - a Christian perspective
Revelation describes the River of Life running through the streets of God's kingdom.

Little children in the Bible: Matthew 19:14
God's concern for the weak and marginalized extends to little children, who are overlooked by the powerful but who are valuable to God. Here he encourages his disciples to not turn away children, whose simple faith exemplifies the belief we ought to have in Christ.

God's presence in the Bible - a Christian perspective
Christians believe that Jesus rose from the dead and ascended to heaven itself. He stands in God's presence, and stands ready to welcome us too into that presence.

The Difference is Inches - #5920
You know Jesus died to pay for your sins, that He rose from the dead, that a person needs to turn from their sin and put all their trust in Jesus to be spiritually rescued. You know it, but maybe you've never done it. Every day you wait, your heart gets a little harder and your last day on earth gets a little closer. Please, if you don't know you've consciously given yourself to Jesus, do that today while the Holy Spirit of God is drawing you to do it.

No One To Welcome - #2604
Could it be that the peace that has eluded you for so long is peace that only God's Son can give you? Could it be there has never been peace because there's never been room for Jesus? I know how sad I felt when the person we worked to bring home never came. Imagine how Jesus feels when someone He died for doesn't come?

The Verdict and the Penalty Are Already In - #5917
There's one verdict, and one sentence we don't have to wait for - yours and mine. The verdict and the penalty are already in. Not from a jury, but from the Judge. The Judge we must all face - God Himself. Deep down inside, we know that on the other side of our last heartbeat, which He decides by the way, we'll face our Creator. The Bible gives us a sobering warning about that: "Prepare to meet your God."

Ron Hutchcraft Ministries, Inc. - The End of Your Journey - #8255 | Radio Program | A Life That Matters
Not long ago, we had occasion to pass through Albuquerque, New Mexico. And I was reminded of a dear Native American friend, who is up in years and battling some physical problems. He told me that he views this part of his life as he does driving to Albuquerque. See, there’s this long climb to get to the top of this steep hill, and then suddenly, there it is: the beautiful lights of the city that you’ve wanted to get to.

Your Visa and Your Passport - #5916
Why are we so bound up in building this kingdom for ourselves in a place where we're just visiting? We are so entangled with earth-stuff that we neglect the things that will matter forever.