A Brief Introduction to the Afterlife

heavenHeaven and Hell. Hades and Paradise.

Is heaven harps and wings? Does it look like Dante’s Paradisio? Is Hell like Sarte envisioned? Type ‘Heaven’ into any search engine and marvel at how many different ideas people have concerning heaven.

There’s quite a bit of misinformation about the afterlife screaming to be heard. You can find people that will tell you just about anything about what happens after we die. Want heaven to be a place where your wildest fantasies come true? Well, there are teachers that would love to tickle your ears about just that.

Obviously, for Christians the question of whose version of eternity is correct is kind of important, as that question is key to our understanding of the gospel.

That’s why this week we’ll be looking at some of those different questions, exploring the beliefs of Christians and pointing out some resources we’ve found to help you with your understanding of the Afterlife.

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