Do Christians really believe in Hell?

hellDo Christians really believe in Hell? And do they really believe that anyone who isn’t a Christian will be tormented in a lake of fire for all eternity? How could a loving God send people to Hell?

Few aspects of the Christian faith are as difficult to understand, and unpleasant to ponder, as the doctrine of Hell. Add to the mix the common stereotypes about lakes of fire, pitchfork-wielding devils, and a condemning God, and you have a doctrine that’s seriously misunderstood by most people (including many Christians!).

But it’s just too important a part of the Gospel story to ignore; if there were no Hell—no threat of eternal separation from God—there would be little point to Jesus’ death and resurrection! So today, let’s take a look at some resources that explain what Hell is, why Christians believe it’s real, and what it all means for you right now.

There’s lots more about Hell and the afterlife over at’s Hell topic page. It’s not a fun subject by any stretch of the imagination—but it’s important, and while it’s tempting to just ignore or breeze over the doctrine of Hell, it’s too important a part of the Gospel story to just overlook. So take a few minutes and see if the above links don’t answer a few of your questions about Hell!

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